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I was finally able to meet my friend Bernhard Hummel again recently.

In case you’re hearing about him for the first time, he’s an experienced investor with a significantly larger investment portfolio than me. To give you an idea, he had a total of 230.000€ invested in P2P lending (30% of his portfolio) until March 2020, when the pandemic hit.

As the stock market crashed, he saw an opportunity to buy at a discount. As a result, his portfolio allocation changed since then.

Here are some of the things we discussed in the video we recorded together:

  • His best investments in 2020
  • How he took advantage of stock market opportunities
  • His asset allocation in 2021
  • Why he’s currently increasing his investments in P2P lending again
  • Why he prefers single stocks over ETFs

I hope you like it!

Asset Allocation in 2021 – Portfolio Update ft. Bernhard Hummel


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