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Before we start, you should know that this review of Bondora Go & Grow is unbiased and based only on my personal experience investing on the P2P lending platform since September 2018.

In this review, I am going to be fully transparent about the amount I invested, my returns and the monthly cashflow my investments have been generating.

If at the end you’re interested in testing out the platform, you can get a 5€ Bonus when you sign up via my link.

Who is Bondora and what is Go & Grow?

Bondora was founded in 2008 and is one of the oldest and most trusted peer-to-peer lending platforms on the market. Until a couple of months ago, the only way to invest your money with Bondora was by investing in consumer loans directly through Portfolio Pro or their Portfolio Manager.

Then, in May 2018, Bondora released Go & Grow. The big advantage of Go & Grow compared to other crowdlending offers is that you can access your money at any time, which is not possible if you’re lending your money out on other platforms (although you might be able to sell loans on the secondary market). Bondora automatically invests your money into a well-diversified bucket of tens of thousands of different loans across all credit ratings (AA-HR).

Go GROW Portfolio distribution
Go & Grow portfolio distribution. Source:

The benefit of instant liquidity comes at a small cost though: The interest rate is ‘only’ ~6.75% per year. You do also pay a flat 1€ withdrawal fee whenever you make a withdrawal from your Go & Grow account.

My experience with Go & Grow

Personally, I do love being able to access my money at any time and appreciate the still substantially higher interest rate compared to what banks currently offer. That’s why I have been keeping part of my savings at Bondora since the beginning of September 2018.

For me it’s especially useful for generating some interest on money I need a couple of months later to pay for social insurance, taxes or other expenses.

Alright, since I want to be fully transparent with you, here is what my account looks like right now, the money I moved in and out of it and the income it has generated over the past three months:

My Bondora Go & Grow dashboard

bondora go grow dashboard dec
(my account value as of Dec. 1st, 2018)

The Gained part of the Go & Grow dashboard shows the interest that was added by Bondora (in total so far). I like that you see interest being added daily, which can be very motivating for some.

My deposits & withdrawals

bondora deposits withdrawals 1

  • Sept. 1st:  1.954€ deposit – yes I know, couldn’t I choose a round number?
  • Sept. 4th:  7.000€ deposit – knowing I would need the money at the end of the month
  • Sept. 30th: 7.000€ withdrawal

My monthly income from Bondora Go & Grow

bondora income

As you can see, ‘parking’ that extra money at Bondora Go & Grow in September for 26 days generated an extra 33€ in income and the remaining 2.018€ (as of Dec. 1st) are passively generating 10-11€ in interest per month.

And lastly, here is my internal rate of return (IRR) at Bondora Go & Grow since I started investing:

bondora irr 1
Not exactly 6.75%, but close enough for me!

That’s it from me! I hope you were able to gain some insights from my review. If you would like to try out Bondora Go & Grow for yourself, you can get a 5€ Bonus by registering here.

What was your experience?

Have you used Bondora Go & Grow before? Do you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share? If you do, please share them below.


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  1. Thank you for this nice summary, that’s exactly what I was looking for! Can I ask what percentage of your investment portfolio you’d recommend investing in P2P? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi, Thanks for great articles, my question would be: do Bondora G&G earn money only from deposits or as well as what you’ve earned? Meaning would you get your daily income from Added or Total money on G&G profile?

    1. Hi Ignas, you’re very welcome! You earn interest on the total amount, so also on the interest that has been added already (compound interest).

  3. Most of the platforms you talk about have a buyback guaranty as a safety feature, does this platforma have something similar or if the investments go wrong the loses will be reflecten on our account?
    Thanks for erevything, love your videos on youtube.