bondster p2p deep dive

Pavel Klema, the CEO of the p2p lending platform Bondster, visited me and my good friend Bernhard Hummel in Vienna last week.

We appreciated being able to ask him any question we had, including a few questions we were able to gather via peer to peer lending groups on Facebook and bugs we’ve run into on the platform as investors.

No questions were sent to Bondster beforehand or excluded from the interview.

Disclosure: I don’t do paid or sponsored content out of principle and this was no exception.
The meeting room we met in however, was paid for by Bondster and Pavel ended up paying for our lunch (I had a Schnitzel and a glass of tap water).

I’ve only been an investor on Bondster for a few months so far (more details here), while Bernhard has been on the platform for a few years already, with a much larger account size of over 16.000€. So I’m hoping we were able to provide some useful, differing perspectives.

Bondster Deep Dive: What We Talked About

Since I’ve spent way too much time editing the video, I hope you forgive me if I just list the time-stamps below. That way, you can skip the sections you’re not interested in yourself.

Part 1

  • 00:00 Intro – Bondster CEO Pavel Klema
  • 02:16 My short experience as an investor so far
  • 02:53 Are Non-Russian loans affected by the war?
  • 04:47 How safe are 16% interest loans by RapiCredit?
  • 05:36 Due diligence selecting lending companies
  • 07:35 Portfolio Overview issues
  • 09:04 How Bondster can be improved in our opinion
  • 09:36 Bondster frontend is being rebuilt
  • 10:33 Improvements needed for international investors
  • 12:48 How does Bondster protect investors?
  • 14:26 Crypto backed loans by ACEMA
  • 16:31 How sustainable are P2P Investments via Bondster?
  • 19:23 Why a 10-25% portfolio allocation to P2P Lending makes sense
  • 19:50 High Inflation in Europe and the Czech Republic
  • 21:30 Ukraine War impact on P2P lending & stocks
  • 25:25 Why Bondster over other P2P platforms?
  • 27:41 Why did you wait so long to remove Russian loans?
  • 30:56 When will the Portfolio Overview be updated?
  • 31:58 How the Bondster CEO Pavel Klema invests his own money

Part 2

The next part was recorded and edited by Bernhard. I added his time-stamps below as well.

  • 0:40 Update on Mikrokasa recoveries
  • 2:05 Bondster needs better communication
  • 7:45 Consequences of sanctions on Russia; Lime Zaim and Kviku Update
  • 17:47 Update on Speedcash recoveries
  • 21:50 Bondster moving to new offices?
  • 23:38 Exciting Bondster news
  • 29:05 Will Ibancar raise its interest rates again?
  • 30:38 Higher interest rates, central banks, inflation


I’m feeling a lot better about my investments on Bondster since our meeting.

The platform’s CEO Pavel Klema left a very good impression on me and I think he did a good job addressing our questions and concerns. Hopefully his team will also be able to fix the bugs we’ve encountered and which we brought up during our talk. What do you think?

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