As you accumulate more and more money saving and investing, your IT security becomes increasingly important. Let’s finally talk about passwords, encryption, email, 2FA, aliasing, VPNs and cloud storage!

Meanwhile, if you’re specifically wondering about how your bank deposits, stocks and ETFs are protected in light of the current banking crisis – make sure you check out this recent post of mine.

Video time-stamps:

  • 00:00 Why your IT Security is important
  • 01:52 Protecting your Device, Operating System, Browser
  • 03:46 Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • 05:00 Passwords: You need a password manager
  • 06:57 Email: Why your mailbox should be end-to-end encrypted
  • 09:18 Aliasing: A massive upgrade to online privacy & security
  • 10:34 VPN: Do you need one? (here are my 3 favorites)
  • 12:25 Encrypted cloud storage (how to use Cryptomator)
  • 14:26 Conclusion

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Note: My time is limited right now, which is why I’m currently unable to spend hours and hours converting every video to a blog post – I hope you understand. Especially since the number of readers on the blog is several times smaller than the number of you watching my videos on YouTube.


Valuable Resources

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Disclaimer: Investing involves risks of losses. You should always do your own research before investing into anything. Also, some of the links are affiliate links, which help support me, the website & YouTube channel. I only link to services I use myself, none of them are sponsored.

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