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Here is a list of all the investment accounts I use on a regular basis. Since it’s quite a long list, I figured it would be easier to have it all on one page and not spread out across the website.

I also added some extras that aren’t related to my investments, but rather my blog and YouTube channel at the end of the page.


Let’s start with my investments in P2P Lending, sorted by my current investment on each platform. Some of them offer currently offer an investor bonus for new registrations using my links, which you can see in brackets next to their name.

P2P Lending

Next, let’s have a look at the largest part of my investment portfolio, ETFs.


As I’ve mentioned before, I like to keep it as simple as possible, so I usually just buy a single ETF, the Vanguard FTSE All-World (ISIN: IE00B3RBWM25).

Let’s start with my international brokerage accounts, which are likely available for most people in my audience.

ETF Brokers (International)

  • Degiro – Probably the best known, low-cost ETF & stock broker in Europe. They have some of the lowest trading fees on the market and even offer 200 ETFs which can be traded commission free (ETF list & conditions)!
  • TradeStation Global – Or as I like to call them: Interactive Brokers without monthly brokerage fees. Sadly they recently increased the account minimum to 2.500€ and the interface is very complex for new investors. The fees are also slightly higher compared to Degiro.

ETF Brokers (Germany & Austria)

Some of these have even better conditions than the international brokers I mentioned. The only downside is, they’re only available for investors from Germany and Austria.

  • Flatex Austria – No account fees and free saving plans on 150 ETFs (1,5€ for other ETFs). They take care of the taxes for you if you’re a resident in Austria, which makes things a lot easier if you’re just starting out. My wife and I have the large majority of our ETF investments here. Meanwhile, if you’re a German resident, you can check out Flatex Germany.
  • Scalable Capital Broker – No account fees, only 0,99€ in trading fees and free saving plans for ETFs. I currently have a free savings plan for the Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF running here at the beginning of every month.
  • Smartbroker – A fantastic broker for instant ETF or stock purchases. Any buy or sell order with a value over 500€ is completely free of charge when using the Gettex exchange on Smartbroker. No brokerage account fees either.
  • Trade Republic – No account fees and only 1€ in fees when buying or selling ETFs and stocks (any amount). No investment fees when buying via saving plans. The only downside is, they currently only offer ETFs from iShares, apart from single stocks.


Here is where I buy my more speculative investments, which mostly consist of Bitcoin and Ethereum:

  • Bitpanda – My favorite place to buy cryptocurrencies. They also offer physically backed investments into precious metals like gold and silver and are based in Austria, my home country. Bitpanda even offers personal saving plans, which allow investors to dollar-cost-average into these volatile assets.
  • Coinbase – Great alternative to Bitpanda, especially for new investors. A very reliable, well-known exchange with a long history in the sector.
  • Kraken – Another great exchange to buy digital assets, with slightly lower fees compared to Bitpanda. However, in my opinion the exchange is a lot more complicated and less user-friendly compared to the other two.

Bank Accounts

Apart from my standard, slow bank account in Austria which costs me 5€/month (and which thus shall not be mentioned), here are two accounts I actually appreciate:

  • N26 – A free German bank account, protected up to 100.000€ due to N26’s European banking license. My wife and I use this account daily for our shared expenses like groceries. Due to its integration with TransferWise, the account allows us to make international transfers in other currencies at the market exchange rate, without additional, hidden fees. As a result, we also use our N26 account whenever we pay for something in a different currency, which is especially useful when traveling abroad.
  • Bitwala – I opened this one recently to test it out. It’s another free bank account based in Germany, with a 100.000€ deposit guarantee, free worldwide ATM withdrawals and a free MasterCard. But here’s what makes it special: Not only can you trade digital assets like Bitcoin directly on the bank account, but you can even earn interest on the ones you hold.


This part has nothing to do with my investments directly, but I figured it’s worth sharing as well.


  • Surfshark VPN – This is by far my favorite VPN. It has a strict no-logs policy, can be used on an unlimited number of devices and it supports the latest Wireguard protocol for an excellent combination of encryption & speed. It also unlocks the Netflix libraries from 18 different countries (a feature we use all the time) and it is P2P (eg. torrenting) friendly. Best of all, it’s a lot less expensive than similar alternatives, at 1,81€/month via this link [83% off!].
    I’ve used NordVPN, Windscribe and Cyberghost before, but I like this one the most. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also by far the fastest VPN I’ve ever used, I pretty much always get the max. speed I’m able to get out of my 250 MBit/s home internet line, even while my connection is encrypted via Surfshark. I also use it for security reasons whenever I’m using a public Wi-Fi network.

YouTube & Blogging

Every once in a while, someone reaches out to me to ask how they can start their own blog or YouTube channel. Here are the services I use:

  • WordPress – I use this free CMS for my blog.
  • NameHero – I moved my websites to NameHero in summer 2020 and I couldn’t be happier with the combination of speed, reliability and the quality of the support I received so far. I use the Plus Cloud Plan in the Netherlands (NL) Datacenter.
  • TubeBuddy – I use a TubeBuddy license and the Chrome extension to help manage my videos (and SEO) on YouTube.

Some of these are affiliate links, which help support me, the website & YouTube channel. I only link to services I use and am convinced of myself, none of the links are sponsored.

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