p2p lending income december 2019

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are as excited about 2020 as I am.

Welcome to my last P2P lending income update of 2019, for the month of December.

As always, I’m going to be fully transparent and show you exactly how much I invested on each peer to peer lending platform, my deposits as well as my returns for the month.

This has been another very eventful month, to say the least.

Let’s get into the good stuff!

P2P Lending Income – December 2019 Overview

Platform Income IRR Invested Value
Envestio 58,95€ 22,01% 3.029€ 4.014€
Iuvo Group 31,41€ 14,30% 2.850€ 3.430€
Mintos 74,85€ 12,84% 7.505€ 8.229€
Mintos I&A 7,80€ 10,37% 1.000€ 1.056€
Bondora G&G 5,74€ 6,62% 900€ 1.037€
Grupeer 37,22€ 13,95% 2.825€ 3.117€
Crowdestor 32,84€ 11,32% 4.200€ 4.393€
Monethera 21,06€ 24,16% 1.250€ 1.336€
Wisefund 24,95€ 23,68% 1.250€ 1.337€
Swaper 13,50€ 9,30% 1.500€ 1.533€
Viainvest 12,44€ 8,47% 1.500€ 1.528€
Lendermarket* 9,77€ 5,29%* 2.500€ 2.510€
Total 330,53€ 14,68% 30.309€ 33.519€

*recently added

Taking a closer look at my P2P returns

p2p lending income returns december 2019

  • Income from P2P Lending (Dec. 2019): 330,53€ (+6,43€)
  • Total Earned: 3.210,31€
  • Internal Rate of Return: 14,68%
  • Start: 01.09.2018

Another passive income record from P2P lending in December! That means I’m at 22% (+0,4%) of my first goal, which is 1.500€ monthly passive income from investments.


Not only that, but my wife and I also received 61€ worth of passive income in the form of dividends from our Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF. The ETF pays dividends on a quarterly basis and we usually reinvest them right away to buy more shares.

But now let’s get back to P2P lending and look at each platform individually.


envestio returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 58,95€ (-1,30€)
  • IRR: 22,01%
  • Invested since: 04.10.2018

Envestio published 4 projects with interest rates of 19%-20% per year last month.

Even though I have nothing to complain about, as the returns have been phenomenal so far and the projects on the platform seem legit, I’m a bit more cautious after what happened recently with Kuetzal.

We still know very little about the new management at Envestio, especially the owner. Plus, the new COO Eduard Ritsmann seems to have been involved in a questionable project in the past.

For me, that means I re-evaluated how much risk I’m willing to take on Envestio right now. I currently have around 12% (4.014€) of my P2P portfolio invested on the platform.

Ultimately, I decided to decrease my allocation to around 10% (3.600€) over the next couple of weeks. That way, I’m still able to take advantage of the high returns if everything goes well, while limiting any potential downside in case of an issue with a large project on the platform.

envestio december 2019

Iuvo Group

iuvo group returns december 2019
Note: Oct/18 shows the 90€ refer-a-friend bonus
  • Income (Dec. 2019): 31,41€ (+2,06€)
  • IRR: 14,30%
  • Invested since: 05.10.2018

Nice to see my income climbing back upwards on Iuvo Group. I noticed more 14,3% interest iCredit loans being added to the platform in December, usually twice a week.

As a result, I had no problem being fully invested with my Auto Invest settings.

iuvo group december 2019


mintos returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 74,85€ (-8,59€)
  • IRR: 12,84%
  • Invested since: 27.09.2018

My income from Mintos decreased a bit last month, which was to be expected as the weighted average interest rate of my Mintos portfolio is 11,63% per year right now.

Nonetheless, over the past few days I’ve been seeing better interest rates of up to 13% per year from some loan originators I like.

My Auto Invest is a bit of a mess right now because of all the changes over the past months on the platform, which is why I haven’t broadly shared it yet.

You can see it as well as my current diversification in my December update video here.

mintos december 2019

Mintos Invest & Access

mintos invest access returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 7,80€ (-2,45€)
  • IRR: 10,37%
  • Invested since: 12.06.2019

The average interest rate of my Mintos Invest & Access Portfolio dropped further last month to 9,7% per year, even though interest rates on the platform have been increasing again recently.

22,51% of the funds are currently unavailable for cash out, as they are late or in grace period.

If that’s a priority for you, you’ll probably like the next platform better.

mintos invest access december 2019

And if you’re curious about why I opened an Invest & Access account in the first place:

Bondora Go & Grow

bondora go grow returns december 2019
Note: I invested an extra 7.000€ for less than a month on Go & Grow during Sep/18
  • Income (Dec. 2019): 5,74€ (+0,22€)
  • IRR (incl. withdrawals): 6,62%
  • Invested since: 01.09.2018

I have yet to find a better platform than Bondora Go & Grow for short-term investments in P2P lending.

I can withdraw the full amount of my deposit, including the daily interest I earned at any time (-1€ flat withdrawal fee). For that extra flexibility, I’m ok with the interest rate being slightly lower at 6,75% per year.

bondora go grow december 2019
I can withdraw 1.036€ right away


grupeer returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 37,22€ (+4,88€)
  • IRR: 13,95%
  • Invested since: 02.10.2018

Both my income and internal rate of return on Grupeer increased, as the platform had plenty of high interest loans last month. They still have many 14% interest loans until January 12th.

So while my returns are great, here is the part I didn’t like:

I discovered that Vlad left the company

In the end of December, by chance, I found out that Vladislavs Filimonovs left Grupeer about two months ago. He was the Vice President (previously COO) of Grupeer and I had the pleasure of interviewing him as well as the co-founder Alla Kisika when I visited Riga in May.

Maybe that’s just me and most of you don’t really care about this, but I was surprised that his departure wasn’t announced anywhere.

I reached out to them and received the following response by Aleksandra Buimistere, the Chief Communications Officer at Grupeer, which I want to share with you:

Dear Angelo, I wish you a happy and successful happy New Year. Alla is on vacation now, so I want to answer some questions that you have asked and clarify regarding the current structure of Grupeer.

You are absolutely right to have concerns about the top management in Grupeer, as for the young fintech company the key people are the most important determinant of success.

Vladislavs was with Grupeer since May 2018 and as you correctly mentioned was a frontman in some of the videos. He did not participate in the day-to-day management of Grupeer and wasn’t a decision-maker, hence his position changed to Vice President and he participated in business development additionally communicated with some of the bloggers.

He has left Grupeer due to personal reasons and we did not make any announcement, as Alla Kisika is an acting COO of Grupeer since Vlad’s transition to Vice President position.

Alla, the founder was always a key decision-maker of Grupeer and still is the central person. Additionally, due to the colossal growth of Grupeer in terms of investments during 2019, we are reorganizing the structure of our departments and the framework.

Right now we have created the Commercial Department, which has united the Marketing & PR, Account Management, and Loan Originator Partnership departments. The Chief Commercial Officer with extensive experience in state enterprise as well as the banking sector is managing these departments and reporting directly to Alla.

We are improving our website as well as increasing transparency, so in the near future the “staff page” will be available for the public.

I hope I managed to clarify the current situation at Grupeer and I am happy to answer all questions that you might have.

I appreciated her detailed response – I do think a young FinTech company like Grupeer needs to be transparent about changes in upper management. Especially when that person oftentimes represented the company in public appearances (like the last P2P Conference).

I’m hoping we’ll see the long-promised staff page on the website soon, for more transparency.

grupeer december 2019


crowdestor returns december 2019
Paid interest: Interest payments I received on a monthly basis; Accrued interest: Includes outstanding interest that I should receive at a later date
  • Income (Dec. 2019): 32,84€ (+0,03€)
  • IRR: 11,32%
  • Invested since: 03.04.2019

Crowdestor is by far my favorite business loan platform right now. In my opinion, they offer the most interesting loans with high interest rates, while being way more transparent than the competition.

The founders also never hold back from sharing additional information about each loan upon request and are very active in the P2P community.

The average interest rate in my Crowdestor account is 17,34% per year at the moment. Since many of my loans start paying interest after 6 months or more, I’m expecting my internal rate of return on the platform to catch up when those payments arrive.

crowdestor deposits december 2019

On December 20th, I deposited another 300€ to Crowdestor. I’m definitely planning on increasing my investment here in 2020.

I invested the funds into the E. Fon Trompowsky Quarter real-estate project, offering an interest rate of 19% per year, on December 20th.

And yesterday, after making another deposit, I invested into the Limp Bizkit – summer tour 2020 project (21% interest) and I’ll be participating in the 3-month loan Fertilizer Export Financing with an interest rate of 21% per year as well. But more on that in next month’s update on Crowdestor.

crowdestor december 2019


monethera returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 21,06€ (+1,48€)
  • IRR: 24,16%
  • Invested since: 16.08.2019

Monethera added 4 loans to its platform last month, with interest rates between 18%-21,1% per year.

I skipped one of them (Cloud Computing Services), as I couldn’t find much information about that company on the web. Monethera even addressed that loan specifically on their blog. The other loans looked good to me though.

monethera december 2019

Apart from that, I received my second full loan repayment. This time, for the Sturgeon farm productions extension project.

monethera repaid loans


wisefund returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 24,95€ (+5,01€)
  • IRR: 23,68%
  • Invested since: 21.08.2019

After finally completing their switch to a new bank, Wisefund only added one project last month, with an interest rate of 20%.

The loan HoReCa supplies purchase was repaid early last month. Because of the early repayment, investors received an extra month in interest, which boosted my income on the platform in December.

However, that also means I have a bit of cash lying around uninvested and waiting for the next loan.

Let’s see how Wisefund develops over the next couple of months and if they’re able to add new loans more regularly.

wisefund december 2019


swaper returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 13,50€ (-4,62€)
  • IRR: 9,30%
  • Invested since: 02.10.2019

I usually had around 40€-120€ uninvested on the platform last month, which wasn’t too bad in my opinion, considering the high interest rates.

Nonetheless, I like Swaper as well as the team behind it. I’ll reserve my judgement for when I look at the internal rate of return in a couple of months.

swaper december 2019


viainvest returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 12,44€ (+0,33€)
  • IRR: 8,47%
  • Invested since: 11.10.2019

Even though Viainvest may not seem as exciting as others, I really like being able to invest into mostly Swedish loans with 11% interest by the VIA SMS Group, which I can’t find anywhere else.

viainvest december 2019


lendermarket returns december 2019

  • Income (Dec. 2019): 9,77€ (+9,38€)
  • IRR: 5,29%
  • Invested since: 21.11.2019

I’m happy to see that Lendermarket started generating a nice monthly cashflow for me.

Lendermarket is one of my favorite P2P lending platforms right now. You can find all the reasons why, Lendermarket’s replies to my questions as well as my Auto Invest settings in this article.

lendermarket deposits december 2019

I added an additional 1.050€ to my Lendermarket account last month:

  • 550€ on December 10th
  • 500€ on December 27th

I’m also looking forward to receiving my 1% cashback bonus in the end of January (it is added after 60 days), which should further boost both the platform’s income and account value next month.

lendermarket december 2019

There you have it!

Thank you for reading my last monthly update for 2019. I’m really excited for what this year will bring and I hope you are as well!

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Disclaimer: Investing involves risks of losses. You should always do your own research before investing into anything. Also, some of the links are affiliate links, which help support me, the website & YouTube channel. I only link to services I use myself, none of them are sponsored.

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  1. Hello, congratulations on your blog, very informative. Did you notice that there are a lot of projects available on Envestio to repurchase? Maybe I am wrong but it seems many people are selling their investments. Is that right? Do you know the reason? Thanks a lot

    1. Hi JM, thank you!

      Yes, I did. But I’m not too surprised about that. A lot of people are (understandably) worried because of what happened with Kuetzal, which is why they’re selling some investments back to Envestio.

  2. Hi Angelo, I am looking around for your email but can’t find it. I want to ask for your advice regarding a sum of money I just got. Can you give me your email?

  3. Envestio will be the next Kuetzal

    The house of cards is about to fall. Have you started winding down your position there yet ?

    1. As silly as this may sound, but I can’t see any other platform acting as stupidly as Kuetzal.

      So while I’m also more worried than I was before after recent events – After all, I’m human, I’m affected by emotions, just as I was also affected by confirmation-bias from other bloggers who started promoting Envestio after visiting them in 2018 – I wouldn’t put them on the same level as Kuetzal, as they do have legitimate projects on the platform. The question now is, finding out if some aren’t (and which), reaching out to them about explanations and if those don’t add up, I will be sharing with everyone why I’m no longer investing with them.

      Btw, in the article I mentioned that I’m reducing my position on the platform to 10% of my P2P allocation and why.