P2P Lending Income July 2019

Once again, it’s time for my latest P2P lending income update! We’ve been traveling a lot recently, so please excuse me for being a bit late.

Here are my numbers for the month of July 2019. As usual, you’ll see exactly how much money I have invested on each peer to peer lending platform, my deposits and my crowdlending returns for the month.

July 2019 Overview

Iuvo Group34,46€15,66%2.850€3.277€
Mintos I&A7,23€6,90%1.000€1.009€
Bondora G&G5,58€6,59%900€1.009€

Taking a closer look at my returns

P2P Lending Income July 2019

My income from my investments in P2P lending grew further in July, to 226,91€ (+12,81€), a new record! That means I reached 15,13% (+0,86%) of my first goal, which is 1.500€ monthly passive income from investments.

My internal rate of return since I started my peer to peer journey is currently sitting at 15,51%. I invested an additional 250€ in July.


Envestio Returns July 2019

I received 63,45€ (-18,27€) in interest on Envestio last month. I expected a drop in income, because no loans were published in June and I had to wait until July to reinvest my money into two real-estate loans. My internal rate of return on the platform also slightly decreased to 22,80%.

Envestio July 2019

Luckily, August is already looking better on Envestio, as two business loans were published in the past 4 days. But more on that in next month’s update!

Iuvo Group

Iuvo Group Returns July 2019
Note: Oct 8 shows the 90€ refer-a-friend bonus

Iuvo Group generated 34,46€ (+2,25€) in interest last month and my AutoInvest still reliably reinvests interest and principal payments right away.

I’m always fully invested into high-interest paying loans with a buyback guarantee (you can see my AutoInvest here).

By the way, new 14-15% interest iCredit loans are published every Thursday morning and usually last until Friday night or Monday. So in case you can’t find any in the beginning of the week, waiting a couple of days might pay off.

Iuvo Group July 2019


Mintos Returns July 2019

My income from Mintos is going straight up lately! I received 71,48€ (+17,75€) in interest payments in July. My IRR also increased to 12,38% (+0,7%).

Mintos July 2019

Sadly it seems as though the time of 15%-16% interest loans is over for now, as most loan originators dropped their interest rate for new loans to 13-14% per year. These fluctuations are completely normal though, so it didn’t come as a surprise.

Nonetheless, Mintos will remain the largest investment in my P2P lending portfolio, as it allows me to diversify across many countries and loan originators all within a single platform and all my loans come with a buyback guarantee.

Some people contacted me about my Auto-Invest settings, so I’ll probably publish an article about that soon!

Mintos Invest & Access

Mintos Invest & Access Returns July 2019

I earned 7,23€ (+5,28€) in interest on Mintos Invest & Access last month.

Invest & Access is a new investment strategy on Mintos, supposed to simplify investing on the platform, while allowing you to cash out more easily.

On June 12th, I invested 1.000€ on a separate Mintos account (under my wife’s name) to compare its performance to my main Mintos account as well as to Bondora Go & Grow

Mintos Invest & Access July 2019

My Invest & Access portfolio was showing an average interest rate of 11,93% on August 1st, while my IRR is at 6,9% (+3,09%) so far. Hopefully we’ll get closer to the displayed interest rate over the coming weeks and months.

Mintos Invest & Access Details July 2019

You can only cash out the current part of your investments right away on Mintos Invest & Access, not the ones that are late or in grace period.

Sadly, almost 37% of the loans in my Invest & Access portfolio are currently late (compared to only 25% in my main Mintos account), which is 10% more than last month.

That means we’re unable to cash out around 37% of our investment right now. As a result, we have to wait for these loans to either become current again or to be bought back after a maximum of 60 days to be able to cash these out as well, if needed.

As far as access to your money is concerned, Mintos Invest & Access definitely lags behind Bondora Go & Grow for now. It will be interesting to see how that percentage changes over the course of time.

Bondora Go & Grow

Bondora Go & Grow Returns July 2019
I parked an extra 7.000€ on Go & Grow for most of September last year, if you’re wondering about the income spike

I received 5,58€ (+2,17€) in interest from Bondora Go & Grow last month.

Bondora Go & Grow is still my favorite for short-term investing, as it allows me to earn around 6,75% interest per year, while still being able to access my money when I need it. And unlike Mintos Invest & Access, I’m able to withdraw the full amount if I want to (-1€ flat withdrawal fee). 

Bondora Go & Grow July 2019

You can follow my detailed 1.000€ Experiment between Mintos Invest & Access and Bondora Go & Grow here, which I’ve been updating every week.

Stay tuned for the 2-month update on Monday!


Grupeer Returns July 2019

My income from Grupeer reached another record in July! I received 24,5€ (+1,66€) in interest. The IRR grew slightly, to 14,15% (+0,08%). I had no issues reinvesting my funds into 13,5% interest loans last month.

Hopefully Grupeer will add some 1% Cashback loans to the platform in August.

Grupeer July 2019


Crowdestor Returns July 2019

Crowdestor generated 20,21€ (+3,03€) in income last month and my IRR increased to 14,37% (+1,95%). We’re slowly getting closer to the 18,12% average interest rate in my account.

Most loans on Crowdestor pay interest every month. However, some high-interest real estate loans start paying interest after six months or more, so I decided to track both paid interest as well as accrued interest, as I think that will be more interesting to follow long-term.

Paid interest shows the interest payments I received on a monthly basis, while accrued interest also includes outstanding interest that I should receive at a later date.

Crowdestor July 2019

deposited an extra 250€ on Crowdestor in July, which I invested into the Industrial business center Tvaikonis at 20,7% interest per year.

Crowdestor Deposits July 2019

Crowdestor is one of my favorite platforms right now, offering a lot of interesting business and real-estate projects with high interest rates. I recently published my review after 4 months on the P2P platform:

Ok, that’s it for my monthly income report. I hope you enjoyed it and had a great month as well!


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Disclaimer: Investing involves risks of losses. You should always do your own research before investing into anything. Also, some of the links are affiliate links, which help support me, the website & YouTube channel. I only link to services I use myself, none of them are sponsored.

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  1. Congrats with hitting a new record!
    Lately I keep seeing lower and lower interests in almost all platforms I use… Do you think it’s the time we’ll be seeing the same trend as US P2P platforms as it’ll get lower and stay that way or do you think European platforms are going through a different evolution?

    1. thanks! I’m not worried about that, interest rates (on Mintos for example) were even lower in October-December last year (I had an average of 10-11%) and went up to 16,1% in the first half of this year. It’s all just normal fluctuations in the market in my opinion.