P2P Lending Income June 2019

The hottest June in history and the first ever P2P Conference has passed, which means it’s time for a new P2P lending income update!

I’ll show you my numbers for the month of June 2019. As usual, you’ll see exactly how much money I have invested on each peer to peer lending platform, my deposits & withdrawals and of course, my crowdlending returns for the month.

Let’s get into it!

June 2019 Overview

Iuvo Group32,21€15,91%2.850€3.243€
Mintos I&A1,95€3,81%1.000€1.002€
Bondora G&G4,47€6,59%900€1.003€

The P2P Conference

What a month this has been. Both my wife and I had a blast at the first ever P2P Conference in Riga. We were a little sad that we were only able to attend the first day (the actual conference) and had to skip the second day, which would have been nice to do some more networking in a more relaxed environment.

P2P Conference Mintos Pre-Event

Hopefully there will be another one next year, then I’ll definitely stay for the entire event!

It was great to see and talk to the people behind some of the P2P platforms I’m invested in. I wasn’t able to speak to a lot of people due to my short visit, but I was especially impressed by the employees at Mintos, including the CEO Martins Sulte and by Vlad & Alla from Grupeer, who I interviewed on video.

Even some Mintos loan originators were present and open to answering my questions. Kredit Pintar, a loan originator from Indonesia, impressed me the most. In addition, I finally got to meet some YouTubers and bloggers I had previously only seen online and really enjoyed talking to other investors.

Taking a closer look at my returns

P2P Lending Income June 2019

My income from my investments in P2P lending for June grew to 214,10€ (+39,52€), a new record by a long shot! That means I reached 14,27% (+2,63%) of my first goal, which is 1.500€ monthly passive income from investments.

My internal rate of return since I started my peer to peer journey also increased and is currently 15,55%. I invested an additional 2.098€ over the course of June.


Envestio Returns June 2019

I received 81,72€ (+3,85€) in interest on Envestio last month. My internal rate of return on the platform is now 23,16%.

From just reading that, I wouldn’t blame you for assuming Envestio had a great month. Sadly, not a single new loan has been added to the platform since May 29th.

After almost a month of waiting for new projects, I decided to move 400€ of interest and principal payments that had been piling up on my account, from Envestio to Mintos on June 25th. There I invested the money into car loans with an interest rate of 16% per year.

Envestio Deposits Withdrawals June 2019

The money was back on my bank account within less than 24 hours of my withdrawal request on Envestio, which was faster than I expected.

According to Envestio, new loan deals with a sum of over 10 million Euros will be published very soon (hopefully starting next week). They were not planning for investors to have to wait so long, but the finalization of the loan deals is taking longer because it is holiday time for some involved counterparties.

Envestio June 2019

Either way, I still have a nice exposure of over 4.100€ on the platform, so I can take advantage of future high-interest loans when they arrive.

Iuvo Group

Iuvo Group Returns June 2019
Note: Oct 8 shows the 90€ refer-a-friend bonus

Iuvo Group passively generated 32,21€ (-3,40€) in interest last month. I expected this small decrease because of the portfolio rebalancing I did in May, where I moved a small amount to Mintos for broader diversification.

I like that the AutoInvest reliably reinvests interest and principal payments right away. So far, I’ve never had to touch my settings (you can see my AutoInvest here) and I’m always fully invested into high-interest paying loans with a buyback guarantee

Iuvo Group June 2019

Some of you reached out to me for the 30-90€ Refer-a-friend Bonus last month. I really enjoyed our interactions via e-mail and I hope you’re as satisfied as I am with your investments on the platform!

My Iuvo Group review


Mintos Returns June 2019

My income from Mintos grew significantly last month! I received 53,73€ (+18,26€) in interest payments in June. My IRR also increased to 11,68% (+0,43%).  

Mintos June 2019

deposited an extra 900€ on Mintos over the course of June, which should lead to further cashflow growth in the coming months. 

Mintos Deposits June 2019

Mintos is currently offering a lot of 15%-16% interest loans with a buyback guarantee, which I didn’t want to miss out on.

I also took advantage of the opportunity by selling some loans with a lower interest rate on the secondary market and reinvesting that money into Mogo car loans paying 16% interest per year.

Use my link to get a 1% Bonus on your investment on Mintos.

Mintos Invest & Access

In the beginning of June, Mintos launched Invest & Access as a new, simplified way to invest on the platform and to cash out more easily.

I was curious to test out their new investment strategy, so I invested 1.000€ on a separate Mintos account (under my wife’s name) on June 12th. Over the coming weeks and months, I am going to compare its performance to my main Mintos account as well as to Bondora Go & Grow

Mintos Invest & Access vs. Bondora Go & Grow – My 1.000€ Experiment

Mintos Invest & Access June 2019

I earned 1,92€ in interest on Mintos Invest & Access last month. My Invest & Access portfolio was showing an average interest rate of 11,94% on July 1st, but Mintos usually takes a while to get things rolling and for interest payments to arrive, so my IRR is at 3,81% so far. 

Mintos Invest & Access Returns June 2019

Another thing worth noting is that you can only cash out the current part of your investments right away, not the ones that are late or in grace period. With the latter (27% in my case), you either have to wait for them to become current again or to be bought back after 60 days.

While that percentage is completely normal for Mintos, it still means that Mintos Invest & Access lags behind Bondora Go & Grow as far as access to your money is concerned. It will be interesting to see how that percentage changes over the course of time.

Bondora Go & Grow

If you’ve been following my progress, you probably already know that I’ve been using Bondora Go & Grow to generate interest on money I potentially need again within a couple of months.

For me it has been the perfect investment product for short-term investing so far, as I’m earning 6,75% interest per year, while still being able to access my money when I need it. As of July 1st, my Go & Grow accounts generated a total of 103,34€ in interest on money that would just have been sitting around doing nothing on my bank account.

Bondora Go & Grow Returns June 2019
I parked an extra 7.000€ on Go & Grow for most of September last year, which explains the income spike

To start my Bondora Go & Grow vs. Mintos Invest & Access experiment from an even playing field, I closed my previous account, worth 651,97€ on June 10th. I then deposited the difference to open a new 1.000€ Go & Grow account two days later.

Bondora Go & Grow Deposits & Withdrawals June 2019
Bondora Go & Grow June 2019

I received 4,47€ in interest from Bondora Go & Grow last month, including my old account.

So far, Bondora Go & Grow is leading against Invest & Access, as interest is added daily to the account, while Mintos takes a while to generate cashflow. I’m also able to withdraw the full amount if I want to (-1€ withdrawal fee).

Stay tuned for the 1-month update of my 1.000€ experiment on Wednesday!

You can get a 5€ Bonus on Bondora when you sign up via my link.


Grupeer Returns June 2019

My income from Grupeer reached a new high in June! I received 22,84€ (+4,16€) in interest. The IRR grew slightly, to 14,07% (+0,2%).

There was no shortage of high-interest loans last month, with many offering an extra 1% Cashback.

Grupeer Returns June 2019

I also really enjoyed my visit of the company in Riga and the interview with Vlad & Alla last month. Hopefully I was able to ask some questions that you wanted to have answered.


Crowdestor Returns June 2019

Crowdestor generated 17,18€ (+13,85€) in income last month, as some of my investments started paying interest. As a result, my IRR increased to 12,42% (+6,82%) and is getting closer to the average interest rate of 17,6% in my account.

Crowdestor June 2019

deposited an extra 250€ on Crowdestor over the course of June, which should lead to further cashflow growth down the line.

Crowdestor Deposits June 2019

In June, I invested my deposit as well as the interest I received into the project Renovation of dwelling house in the heart of Riga, with an interest rate of 21%.

Crowdestor is definitely getting more and more exciting, offering a lot of interesting projects with high interest rates. I’m already looking forward to investing into this upcoming project:

Crowdestor High Interest Rate Project

Alright, that’s it for my monthly income report. I hope you enjoyed it and had a great month as well!

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  1. Congratulations on reaching the 200€ line!
    I honestly think that the video overviews are awesome. I just push play and you literally read the text out for me 😀

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you!
      Glad you like the videos ? Some people just prefer videos or audio as a format. I also enjoy listening to videos while doing housework or something similar. I figured I wasn’t the only one ?

      Thank you!

  2. Hey, you inspired me into getting into blogging as well! I wish you further success 🙂

    My current investments are in Mintos, Grupeer, Envestio and Crowdestor
    Which platform would you recommend adding to my portfolio next?

    1. Happy to hear that! 🙂 I like your blog design, great job!

      With your current portfolio value and allocation I would rather add more money to Mintos, Grupeer or Crowdestor than adding another platform and making the whole thing too complex, but that’s just my personal opinion. You could potentially add Bondora Go & Grow to get some interest on money short-term.

      But in the end, it’s all up to you. If you want to try another platform, I recently updated my page with the currently available bonus offers, maybe there’s something there that you’re interested in trying: P2P Lending Bonus & Cashback Offers

  3. Hello Angelo! I love your monthly reports and congrats on passing 200€! I really like your charts, and I’m guessing you create those based on a spreadsheet. I was wondering if you could share that spreadsheet “skeleton” here in your blog. If you want, of course 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    1. thank you Catarina! I actually just use the Numbers app on my Macbook, so I don’t know of how much use that would be to most of my readers 🙂