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First of all, happy new year everyone!

Another month has passed, so it’s time for a fresh P2P income report for the month of December 2018! Once again, I’ll be showing you exactly how much money I have invested on each peer to peer lending platform and my returns for the month.

Let’s get started!

December 2018 Overview

Bondora G&G11,24€6,69%1.954€2.030€
Iuvo Group33,27€23,41%3.500€3.673€

Taking a closer look at my returns

My income from my investments in crowdlending for December was 132,46€ (+19,01€ more than last month). That’s a 16,76% cashflow increase compared to November! That means I reached 8,83% (+1,27%) of my first goal (1.500€ monthly income from investments).

monthly p2p income december e1546503916100


I’m still exclusively using Bondora’s Go & Grow product. As I mentioned in my review, Go & Grow delivers ‘only’ around 6,75% interest, but offers instant liquidity, meaning that you can get all of your funds back at any time – which I find very convenient.

I mostly use it to get some interest on money I don’t need right away but that I might need in the near future (eg. 1-2 months). It’s running as expected and generated 11,24€ in interest last month.


Envestio offers some of the highest interest rates in the P2P lending space (16-22% p.a.) with a buyback guarantee. That’s why I deposited an extra 470€ in December, increasing my total investment to 3.920€.

So far, interest was always paid on time. I hope it stays that way! 

Sadly, I did notice a shortage of available loans recently, but so far I still manage to fully reinvest the interest I receive within a couple of days.

My income from Envestio keeps climbing. I received 66,17€ (+15,39€ compared to last month) in interest in December.

envestio dashboard december
envestio income december e1546505097641
including Bonuses


I deposited an extra 500€ to my Grupeer account on December 11th, as loan availability significantly improved compared to 1-2 months ago. 

The only thing I’m not too happy about is the fact that most of the loan deals are for a single project (Promenada) and from the same loan originator (Primo Invest SIA), making it very hard to diversify on the platform. Other than that, I do like the interest rates offered (13-15%) and the buyback guarantee.

grupeer dashboard december
grupeer income december e1546505713795

Iuvo Group

If you read my review, you probably already know how happy I am with my investment there. December has been no exception, as I received 33,27€ (+6,21€ compared to November) in interest.

As planned, I added an extra 1.000€ to my account on December 7th. As I mentioned in my last income report, here are the main reasons why they are my second biggest investment (after Envestio) with 3.500€ invested:

  • Up to 15% interest per year with a buyback guarantee and no shortage of available loans
  • 30-90€ Bonus on your first investment (of 1.000-2.500€) through their refer-a-friend program, which is an instant 3-3,6% cashback on your money. Here is how.
iuvo group dashboard
iuvo group income december e1546506224873


And last but not least, Mintos. Mintos offers a huge number of loans with a buyback guarantee, issued by many different loan originators from all over the world (and different currencies if you like that – I stick to EUR loans). That way you’re able to diversify your investment risk very widely within a single P2P lending platform. 

Interest rates have slowly started to climb above 12% again, which I like to see. As a result, I’m planning to increase my investment on the platform this month.

If you want to give Mintos a try, you can get a 1% bonus on your investment by signing up via my link

mintos dashboard december
mintos income december e1546506619583

See you next month!

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed reading my P2P income report for December! I’ll be posting more reviews soon. I’m also planning to test out FastInvest this month – stay tuned!

Is there any platform I’m not invested in that you really like? I’d love to know in the comments!


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Disclaimer: Investing involves risks of losses. You should always do your own research before investing into anything. Also, some of the links are affiliate links, which help support me, the website & YouTube channel. I only link to services I use myself, none of them are sponsored.

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