P2P Lending Income March 2019

Just like that, another month has passed, so it’s about time for my P2P lending income update! 

Today, I’ll be showing you my numbers for the month of March 2019. As usual, you’ll see exactly how much money I have invested on each peer to peer lending platform, my deposits & withdrawals and of course, my crowdlending returns for the month.

Let’s get started!

March 2019 Overview

Bondora G&G3,58€6,56%552€644€
Iuvo Group38,08€17,47%3.500€3.787€

Taking a closer look at my returns

My income from my investments in crowdlending for March was 155,73€, which is slightly lower compared to February. Interestingly, my income from every single platform except for Envestio actually increased, but my overall cashflow decreased (-4,56€), since Envestio makes up the largest position in my P2P lending portfolio. I’ll explain why later in the report.

p2p income march 2019

My internal rate of return is currently 15,48% and I’m at 10,38% of my first goal (1.500€ monthly income from investments). 


As you probably know, when it comes to Bondora, I only use Go & Grow, which has a lower interest rate of up to 6,75% per year but offers instant liquidity, meaning that I can withdraw my money at any time. I mostly use the account to get some interest on money I need again within a couple of months, not for long term investing. 

bondora goandgrow march 2019

Either way, my Go & Grow income saw a slight increase to 3,58€ last month.

bondora income march 2019


The average interest rate of newly issued loans on Envestio decreased a little over the past couple of months, as more and more investors discover the platform. The last five loans had an interest rate between 16,75%-19,85% per year, which is less than the regular 20-21% loan opportunities we had up until December. Nonetheless, the interest rates still seem to have increased slightly compared to February. 

envestio loans

So far, I’m still able to fully reinvest the interest and principal payments I receive within a week, whenever I get notified via email about a new offer. Make sure to check your mail regularly, as new loans get funded very quickly right now. My March income from Envestio was 68,71€ (-9,7€ compared to February). I fully expected a decrease sooner or later, because of the slightly lower interest rates and the money not being fully invested at all times. 

envestio income march 2019

Nonetheless, Envestio remains my biggest crowdlending investment and my number one performer, with an internal rate of return of 22,6% since I started investing in October 2018! Envestio still offers some of the highest interest rates in the P2P lending space (16-22% p.a.) with a buyback guarantee. Until now, interest as well as principal was always paid on time and in full, so I have no reason to complain.

envestio march 2019


My Grupeer investments are performing very well, as expected. My income from Grupeer increased to 11,91€ (+0,02€) in March. My IRR on the platform also grew to 12,59% (+0,48%).

grupeer income march 2019
grupeer march 2019

Grupeer offers high interest rates of 13-15% per year, combined with a buyback guarantee. There was no shortage of high interest paying loans last month and they started adding some business loans with an additional 1% Cashback on your investment.

grupeer cashback loan
Business loan with 13% interest and an additional 1% Cashback

Iuvo Group

Iuvo Group, my second biggest investment in P2P lending, generated 38,08€ (+2,41€) in interest last month, which I am very satisfied with.

iuvo group income march 2019
Note: Oct 8 shows the 90€ refer-a-friend bonus

I’m still surprised not that many people know about this platform. Here is why it’s one of my favorites:

  • Up to 15% interest per year with a buyback guarantee and no shortage of available high-interest loans
  • The platform is very transparent and the loan originators providing the buyback guarantee have solid financials, as I discussed in a recent video I recorded
  • They offer a 30-90€ Bonus on your first investment (of 1.000-2.500€) through their refer-a-friend program, which is an instant 3-3,6% cashback on your money. Here is how.
iuvo group march 2019


My income from Mintos is still rising month after month. I received 30,35€ (+2€) in interest payments in March. My IRR also grew to 11,09% (+0,35%). 

mintos income march 2019

In case you’re new to the crowdlending space, Mintos is one of the largest, most respected P2P platforms worldwide. They offer an enormous number of loans with a buyback guarantee, issued by many different loan originators from all over the world (and different currencies if you like that – I personally stick to EUR loans). As a result, you can diversify your crowdlending investment very widely within a single platform.

If you want to check out Mintos for yourself, you can get a 1% bonus on your investment by signing up via my link.  

mintos march 2019


I only invested a small amount of money (250€) in loans on FastInvest, after reading a few reviews from other bloggers in January. I received 3,1€ (+0,21€) in interest last month. 

fastinvest income march 2019

I expect my IRR of currently 14,25% to decrease over the coming months, as the highest available interest rate seems to have dropped to 13% (previously 15%).

fastinvest investment march 2019

I like their loan buyback guarantee, but I’m still waiting for them to be more transparent and disclose their loan originators (and their financial numbers) before I consider another deposit on FastInvest.

Anything else?

I’m glad you asked. I recently invested 500€ on Crowdestor, which is the next platform I’m adding to my crowdlending portfolio. I’ll keep you updated on that investment over the coming months!

crowdestor investment

Also, my wife and I just bought our tickets to the P2P Conference in Riga! We’ve never been in Riga, so we’re not only excited for the conference but will also check out the beautiful city during our visit in June.


Let me know if you’re coming as well, I’d love to meet you in person! And if you’re buying a ticket, I was still able to use the discount code P2PEARLYBIRD40 for 40% off the price, but as far as I know the promo tickets are limited. So no promises that it still works, but it can’t hurt to try!

That’s it from me, see you next month!

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