p2p lending income update september 2019

It’s time for my latest P2P lending income update, this time for the month of September 2019!

As always, I am going to show you exactly how much I invested on each peer to peer lending platform, my deposits and my returns for the month.

P2P Lending Income – September 2019 Overview

Iuvo Group29,22€15,06%2.850€3.340€
Mintos I&A10,84€10,40%1.000€1.031€
Bondora G&G5,46€6,61%900€1.020€

Taking a closer look at my P2P returns

P2P Lending Income September 2019

Another record month! My monthly income from my investments in P2P lending increased to 282,39€ (+31,71€) in September. As a result, I reached 18,8% (+2,1%) of my first goal, 1.500€ monthly passive income from investments.

added a total of 2.475€ to my P2P portfolio over the course of last month.


envestio returns september 2019

My Envestio income grew slightly, to 67,01€ (+0,98€) last month. It’s nice to see that Envestio seems to have gotten back to publishing projects on a regular basis!

A total of 7 loans were added in September, with interest rates ranging between 16%-17,5% per year.

envestio september 2019

Iuvo Group

iuvo group returns september
Note: October 2018 shows the 90€ refer-a-friend bonus

I earned 29,22€ (-4,02€) in interest on Iuvo Group last month. That’s a bit less than August, but September was also a day shorter, so I’m not concerned. I’m expecting to be back above 30€ monthly cashflow soon.

Iuvo Group is the platform I need to spend the least amount of time on, as the AutoInvest reliably reinvests the interest and principal payments I receive into new loans.

All in all, I can’t complain about my internal rate of return of 15,06% (including the bonus) after a year on Iuvo Group.

iuvo group september 2019


mintos returns september 2019

Even though the available interest rates on Mintos have been decreasing as of late, my income from the platform reached a new record high of 83,73€ (+6,35€) in September! 

My IRR on Mintos also slightly increased to 12,75% (+0,18%). 

mintos september 2019

It’s hard to find decent loans above 10% interest on the primary market at the moment, but I’ve had no problems re-investing my funds into buyback loans with 11%-12,5% interest via the Secondary Market Auto Invest.

My Secondary Market Auto Invest settings for Mintos

  • Only loans with a Buyback Guarantee
  • All loan originators with a rating of A to B- (excluding Dinero)
  • YTM: 11% or higher
  • Discount/premium: ()-0.0%
  • Remaining loan term: 1-48 months
  • Reinvest: Yes; Include loans already invested in: Yes; Diversify across loan originators: No; 
  • Investment in one loan: 1-50€

While diversification might suffer a bit in the short-term, this might help those of you that are currently frustrated because of the low interest rates on the primary market.

I’m still satisfied with the average interest rate of 12,4% in my Mintos account and the level of diversification there.

As a result I’m not withdrawing any money, but I’m also not adding any more until the available interest rates rise back above 12-13% per year.

Mintos Invest & Access

mintos invest access returns september 2019

I earned 10,84€ (+0,32€) in interest on Mintos Invest & Access last month. My IRR on Invest & Access also increased, to 10,40% (+1,21%).

If you’re wondering why I opened an Invest & Access account in the first place:

mintos invest access september 2019

Sadly, the average interest rate in my Invest & Access account keeps decreasing and is now sitting at only 10,34%, compared to almost 12% when I opened the account in June.

Not only that, but according to Mintos, the average interest rate new Invest & Access investors can currently expect is only 8,53% per year! As a result, I can’t recommend using Invest & Access at the moment.

Bondora Go & Grow

bondora go & grow returns september 2019
Note: I parked an extra 7.000€ on Go & Grow for most of September last year, if you’re wondering about the higher income

I received 5,46€ in interest from Bondora Go & Grow last month.

Bondora Go & Grow remains my favorite for short-term investments in P2P lending, as I’m able to withdraw the full amount of my deposit, including interest if I want to (-1€ flat withdrawal fee). 

bondora go & grow september 2019
With Go & Grow I can withdraw 1.019,06€ right away


grupeer returns september 2019

Grupeer keeps climbing higher. I received 29,89€ (+5,17€) in interest last month. As usual, Grupeer’s Auto Invest reliably reinvested my funds into 13% interest loans in September.

Grupeer september 2019

On September 18th, I added 325€ to my Grupeer account, as Grupeer still offers some of the highest interest rates, coupled with a buyback guarantee.

grupeer deposits september 2019

I bought some loans offering additional Cashback with part of my deposit, which should lead to slightly higher returns in October.

Grupeer is planning to add loan originator ratings to the platform next week, which I’m looking forward to!


crowdestor returns september 2019

The interest I received from Crowdestor increased to 27,14€ (+10,11€) in September, but my accrued interest is growing even faster.

Paid interest shows the interest payments I received on a monthly basis, while accrued interest also includes outstanding interest that I should receive at a later date.

Crowdestor is a bit different compared to my other crowdlending investments, as many of their high-interest loans start paying interest after six months or more, which is why I introduced accrued interest in my income graph.

crowdestor september 2019

Since the platform seems to currently be on a roll as far as new, interesting projects are concerned, I added 1.150€ to my Crowdestor account in September.

crowdestor deposits

I invested my deposits into these projects:

  • Mafia stars: 18% interest
  • Bounty resort: 19,5% interest
  • Timberland investment: 16% interest
  • Biomass heating plant: 21% interest
  • Construction Co. public procurement: 15% interest
  • Vormsates castle: 16,5% interest

Needless to say, I’ve been very impressed by Crowdestor and all interest payments arrived on time so far.


monethera returns september 2019

I received 14,00€ (+2,24€) in interest on Monethera last month.

I like that they’ve been able to add new, high-interest projects on a regular basis and that all interest payments arrived on time so far.

As a result, I added an additional 500€ to my account in September, which I evenly split into the available projects.

monethera september 2019

Nonetheless, the platform only has a short track record so far. As a result, I’m not planning to increase the size of my investment much further until the first couple of loans are paid back in full.


wisefund returns september 2019

I received 15,10€ (+10,81€) in income on Wisefund in September.

Just like Monethera, Wisefund offers interesting short-term business loans with high interest rates and a buyback guarantee.

wisefund september 2019

deposited an additional 500€ to my Wisefund account on September 6th and evenly split the funds among the available projects on the platform. 

The platform looks very promising and all interest payments arrived on time up to this point.

Nonetheless, Wisefund also only has a short track record so far, so I’m not planning to add much more yet.

SWAPER – My latest addition

Swaper Bonus

After talking to my friend Bernhard Hummel about Mintos alternatives with higher interest rates, he convinced me to try out SWAPER, a platform that was founded in 2016 and offers short-term loans with interest rates up to 14% per year and a buyback guarantee.

I just added the platform on October 2nd, so in theory, I should probably save this part for next month’s update.

In the end, I decided to already share my first impressions and Auto Invest settings with you today, I hope you don’t mind.

SWAPER account october 2019

deposited 1.000€ on SWAPER two days ago. As soon as my deposit arrived, I contacted SWAPER‘s support, as I wanted to make sure I have optimal settings for the Auto Invest to quickly invest all of my funds. 

SWAPER‘s project manager was very friendly and helped me right away, which left a great first impression on me.

I’m happy to report that after less than 48 hours, I was fully invested into 14% interest loans! Here are the settings I used:

My SWAPER Auto Invest Settings

SWAPER Auto Invest Settings

created three separate Auto Invest portfolios with the same settings above. I was curious if that would help me be fully invested faster, as the first Auto Invest had only invested 100€ after 24 hours.

Well, less than 24 hours later I was fully invested, with each of my 3 AutoInvests having invested between 100€-493€!

While you should take my advice with a grain of salt as I’m still very new to the platform, maybe setting up several Auto Invests does get your money invested more quickly on SWAPER.

  • New investors that register on SWAPER via my link until the 2nd of November 2019, receive an additional +2% interest on all of their investments made during the first three months. That means that you receive 14% interest instead of 12% on your loans on the platform.
  • If you have an account balance of 5.000€ or more after the first three months are over, you will keep the +2% loyalty bonus for future investments as well.

The promotional campaign above was one more reason for me to try out SWAPER right now. Usually you only get the SWAPER loyalty bonus (14% interest instead of 12%) with an investment of 5.000€ or more, but this way I’m able to test out the platform for a couple of months with a smaller investment first, while still receiving the higher interest rate

Either way, stay tuned for my SWAPER income updates in the coming months!

That’s it!

That’s all for my latest monthly update! I hope you enjoyed reading it and had a beautiful month of September.

Before you take off, I would love to know in the comments:

  • What do you think about my latest addition, SWAPER? Do you have any experience with the platform?

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  • P2P Bonus Offers
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Disclaimer: Investing involves risks of losses. You should always do your own research before investing into anything. Also, some of the links are affiliate links, which help support me, the website & YouTube channel. I only link to services I use myself, none of them are sponsored.

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  1. Hi Angelo, thank You for sharing all data. I am following Your blog for some time and wish You all the best. One question – how do You calculate monthly income that is in the table on top of this page for Mintos and Mintos I&A? Which features of Mintos do You use for it? I am currently not sure, which data to use – dashboard, account statemenst, etc. Thank You for answer

    1. Hi Jan, you’re very welcome!

      I just compare the account balance on the 1st of every month and add the difference as interest to the overview, as well as to Portfolio Performance to automatically calculate the internal rate of return.

      That’s the easiest way I’ve found, that way I don’t need to mess with exporting data from the platforms.

      Thank you, I wish you all the best as well!

  2. Ciao Angelo,
    thanks a lot for all this info. Very useful.
    You keep including the bonuses of the different platforms in your IRR.
    As the amount are often one off and % wise relatively high at the beginning do you have an analysis of your portfolio without them?
    Is your mid term strategy to to maximise these too by switching platforms regularly?

    1. Ciao Andrea,
      my pleasure! Yes, but I only include the bonuses if they’re easily/still available for new investors as well. For me, they’re still part of the total returns for a platform.

      No, I don’t hop around from platform to platform, for smaller bonuses that’s not worth it in my opinion.

      Last time I checked Iuvo had around a 13% internal rate of return for me without bonuses – that’s the platform where the bonus had the biggest impact on my IRR (+2%) after a year now.

      I haven’t calculated it for others, as 0,5% cashback or a 5€ bonus don’t make that much of a difference after a couple of months.

  3. Hi Angelo, also just opened an account with swaper (16.9), I’m only having one 1 auto invest, and I haven’t had any cash drag yet.

    The funding and investment can be seen her: http://www.damhan.net/p2p/swaper_05-10-2019.html
    So i don’t think several auto invests helps, but it could be fun just to follow and see if that is actually the case.

    I didn’t keep the money on Mintos during the period with lower interest rates, but have moved them to swaper and a few other places. Just saw that today the auto invest on Mintos again made some 12 % loans on my account, so perhaps thinks are changing now.

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for the info!

      As I mentioned, I’ve only been on Swaper for a couple of days, seems like my AI strategy wasn’t as clever as I thought 🙂

      That’s understandable, I’m ok with the 11-11,5% Secondary Market loans on Mintos for now. Nice, I hope that’s a good sign as well!

  4. It’s awesome to see you try and show us new platforms, keep up the awesome work 🙂

    Recently I keep seeing more and more people invest in platforms like https://www.funderbeam.com/ where it’s more like traditional investing. Have you checked these out? Would you consider these as valuable projects to invest in or the risk is too high?

    1. thank you Elmar, really appreciate your support! 🙂
      That looks a lot like startup investing to me, like seedrs.com. I have little experience with that. All I know is that if you do decide to invest into startups, it’s probably a good idea to spread your investment over many projects. Many will fail, but (hopefully) some will go very well and make up for the other projects losses.

  5. Iam following your blog closely and i like the transparency and how you share ur experiences.
    There is only one thing that i think can be a bit misleading to your readers. It is that your heavy loss from August (btw sry for that) is not shown in any of your summaries or income statements. Shouldnt it be mentioned somewhere? Because when i read your income statement it says that you have: investments / networth
    Total 24.500€ / 26.737€
    Shouldnt it be rather something close to:
    Total: 30.000€ / 26.737€
    Like i said: I like your blog alot but dropping certain numbers under the table will alter your statistics.

    1. thank you Jordan, I appreciate the feedback!
      I’ve never mentioned my total net worth in my articles, although I might add it in the future when I talk more about ETFs and other investments. My Forex-mistake had nothing to to with P2P lending, so those numbers were never part of the numbers displayed on the blog 🙂
      The 24.500€/26.737€ number for example, is only P2P-related and stands for the invested funds/current account value of my P2P platforms.

      If I ever do end up losing money on any of the investments mentioned in my articles, I will certainly write about it and won’t change any of the numbers, you can be sure of that!

    1. I’m impressed with them so far, but I’ve been with them for less than two months. If everything goes well, the first loan (Pellet Fuel Reselling) should be paid back in November – then I’ll also consider increasing my investment.
      If you do test them out, make sure you use the promo code in the article to double the cashback duration, which sadly wasn’t yet available when I signed up.

  6. Hi Angelo, first of all thank you for your detailed article. I’m writing you because I’m interested in P2P but really really new and a bit ignorant on the subject for now.

    For this reason, I have a particular question: is it possible to make a monthly passive income by only choosing to lend money to short term investments? As an example, if a subject has 1000$ and wants to invest in P2P on short term investments (that last max. 1 month), is it possible to earn this way and make about 100-150$/month (depending on the percentage of return of course)? Or aren’t enough short terms loans in which is possible to invest?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    1. Hi Riccardo, you’re welcome!

      If you’re only talking about generating passive income which you want to withdraw every month, it shouldn’t matter if you have short- or long-term loans. You can choose platforms that pay interest on a monthly basis (all the ones in my income report, except some loans on Crowdestor, where you need to check the loan details) and withdraw the interest payments on a monthly basis, instead or reinvesting them.

      If you still want to exclusively invest into short-term loans (30 days + up to 30 days for the buyback guarantee), SWAPER seems to be a solid option! Otherwise you could select short-term loans on Mintos, just don’t forget that it can take up to 60 days if a loan is late or bought back there (that would also delay the interest payment for max. 60 days).

      Hope this helps!

  7. Dear Angelo.
    I couldn´t invest in Crowdestor in Renovation of Eclicticism Building (iii) that I was interested. Money arrived late.
    And now there are 4 projects that it seems to me not interest me very much. Vormsates castle, Dizozols (I invested in previous Dizozols project),Elvi grocery stores and Elvi Grocery stores.
    Have you invested in any of these 4 projects? Did you invest in Dizozols previous projects. Thanks and regards. Enrique

    1. Hi Enrique,
      don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be the last interesting project on Crowdestor. Personally, I invested into the previous Dizozols project, into the Vormsates castle and into another Elvi grocery store back in August. One option could be to simply spread your money evenly over all available projects or wait for another one that you’re more interested in. It’s likely that they’ll add new ones within a week.

  8. Hey Angelo,
    Great post as always. Are you still finding Swaper working ok?

    I joined it (via your link) there two days ago and alas it is not investing any of the money I put in, even if I lower the expected interest rate. Even when I click “invest manually”, nomatter my search settings it just says: “No loans available for investments. What are your thoughts there? Temporary lack of loans? Glitch?

    1. Hey Declan,
      thanks for using my link, I really appreciate it!

      Yes, that seems to be completely normal for SWAPER. You’ll never see any loans available for manual investing, as they’re automatically picked up by all the Auto Invests. When you click on invest manually you can see though that over 434.000€ worth of loans were added over the past 24 hours, so they’re regularly adding new ones. All you can do is set up your Auto Invest/s and wait, I’m sure your money will be invested as well.

      I added another 500€ a couple of days ago, out of which 141€ still need to be invested. Because of the higher interest rate I don’t mind waiting a bit to be fully invested, especially if I can’t influence it manually.

      Here is my account at the moment:
      Here is my account at the moment