P2P Lending Bonus & Cashback Offers 2020

You should know about all the best, currently available P2P Lending Bonus and Cashback offers before opening an account, which is why I created this page.

I’ll try my best to regularly update this list with new bonus offers in the peer to peer lending space, so feel free to check back every once in a while. Either way, I hope it helps!

Last Update: October 11th, 2020

P2P Platforms I’m Invested In

In case you were wondering how to get a Bonus on any of these, I outlined the detailed conditions for each. First, let’s start with the Cashback offers to P2P lending platforms I’m currently invested in myself as well.

Bondora Bonusbondora logo e1544374891102

Crowdestor Bonuscrowdestor bonus

EvoEstate CashbackEvoEstate Bonus

  • How much: 0,5% Cashback
  • Conditions: When signing up to EvoEstate via this link, you get 0,5% Cashback on all of your investments for the first 6 months
  • Get the EvoEstate Cashback: Here

Iuvo Group Bonus (Updated!)logo black

  • My Iuvo Group Review
  • How much: Up to 1,5% Bonus
  • Conditions: First, you need to request a referral here. After receiving an invite, you get a 1% Bonus on your deposit of 2.000€-3.500€ or a 1,5% Bonus on your entire deposit of 3.501€ or more. The Iuvo Group cashback is capped at a max. of 150€.
  • Get the Iuvo Group Bonus: Request a referral here and follow the instructions in the email.

Lendermarket Bonus Lendermarket

  • My Lendermarket Review
  • How much: 3% Cashback for a limited time!
  • Conditions: Sign up to Lendermarket via this link, to get 1% Cashback on all of your investments after the first 60 days. The bonus is added to your account within 5 business days after the 60 days are over.
    In addition, the platform just launched a 2% Cashback campaign for both new and existing investors, valid from September 15th until October 31st, 2020. Here are the exact terms. According to the support team the two campaigns can be combined, for a 3% Bonus on your investment!
  • Get the Lendermarket Bonus: Here

Viainvest BonusViainvest Bonus

P2P Platforms I’m Not Invested In

Last but not least, here are other interesting P2P lending bonus and cashback offers for several crowdlending platforms in Europe.

I’m not currently invested in these, but I might test these out in the future.

If you’re planning on opening an account here, make sure you read the conditions to take full advantage of the signup bonuses they offer!

BitOfProperty BonusBitOfProperty Bonus

  • How much: 10€ Bonus after signing up. 
  • Conditions: You get a 10€ Bonus after signing up on BitOfProperty and filling out your account details via this link.
  • Get the BitOfProperty Bonus: Here

Bondster BonusBondster Bonus

  • How much: 1% Cashback on your investments
  • Conditions: If you sign up using this link, you get 1% Cashback on all your Bondster investments during the first 90 days.
  • Get the Bondster Bonus: Here

Brickstarter Promo Code & CashbackBrickstarter promo code

  • How much: 15€ Bonus when signing up + 0,5% Cashback on your investments
  • Conditions: Sign up via this link and use the Promo Code BRICKS to get a 15€ Bonus instantly credited to your Brickstarter account. In addition, you get 0,5% Cashback on all of your investments during the first 90 days.
  • Get the Brickstarter Bonus and Cashback: Here

Debitum Network Bonus & Referral CodeDebitum Network

  • How much: 10€ Bonus
  • Conditions: Use the Referral Code: VAQK6 to get a 10€ Bonus on Debitum Network when you sign up via this link and invest 250€ or more.
    Debitum Network Referral Code
  • Get the Debitum Network Bonus: Here

EstateGuru BonusEstateguru Bonus

  • How much: 0,5% Cashback for three months 
  • Conditions: If you sign up via this link you get a 0,5% Bonus on all of your investments on EstateGuru during the first 3 months since registration.
  • Get the EstateGuru Bonus: Here

Exporo Bonusexporo bonus

  • How much: 100€ Bonus on your first investment
  • Conditions: After signing up to the German real estate platform Exporo via this link, choose a project and enter 136877 under “Aktionscode” to get a 100€ Bonus on your first investment of 500€ or more.
  • Get the Exporo Bonus: Here

Flender BonusFlender Bonus

  • How much: 5% Cashback on your investments
  • Conditions: When signing up via this link, you get 5% Cashback on all of your investments on Flender during the first 30 days.
  • Get the Flender Bonus: Here

Kviku Finance BonusKviku Finance Bonus

  • How much: 20€ Bonus
  • Conditions: New investors that sign up via this link and invest 100€ or more, get a 20€ Bonus added to their Kviku Finance account.
  • Get the Kviku Finance Bonus: Here

LendSecured CashbackLendSecured Bonus

  • How much: 0,5% + 1% Cashback
  • Conditions: When signing up via this link, new investors get 0,5% Cashback on all LendSecured investments within the first 90 days.
    In addition, the platform is currently publishing 10 promotional projects, which come with 1% additional Cashback.
  • Get the LendSecured Bonus: Here

NEO Finance BonusNEO Finance Bonus

  • How much: 10€ Bonus after signing up
  • Conditions: Sign up via this link to get a 10€ Bonus on Neo Finance after your first deposit (any amount).
  • Get the NEO Finance Bonus: Here

Nibble Finance Cashbacknibble finance bonus

  • How much: 2% Cashback 
  • Conditions: Sign up via this link to get 2% Cashback on all of your investments on Nibble Finance within the first 90 days. In addition, the platform extended its summer promotion until 30.11.2020. Until then, all loans come with a 14% interest rate.
  • Get the Nibble Finance Bonus: Here

Nordstreet Cashbacknordstreet bonus

  • How much: 1% Cashback 
  • Conditions: Get 1% Cashback on your first investment when signing up to Nordstreet via this link and entering the Promo Code: VEBZ. The Cashback is paid out once per month, between the 15th-19th.
  • Get the Nordstreet Bonus: Here

PeerBerry Bonus (Updated!)Peerberry Bonus

  • How much: 0,5% Bonus (Limited) & 1% Loyalty Bonus
  • Conditions: For a limited time, PeerBerry is offering new investors a 0,5% Bonus on all investments within the first 3 months after signing up via this link.
    In addition, PeerBerry recently introduced a Loyalty Bonus program. Here are the terms:
    1. If you have over 10.000€ invested on PeerBerry, you get +0,5% interest on all future investments
    2. If you have over 25.000€ invested on PeerBerry, you get +0,75% interest on all future investments
    3. If you have over 40.000€ invested on PeerBerry, you get +1% interest on all future investments
  • Get the Peerberry Bonus: Here

Profitus BonusProfitus Bonus

  • How much: +1% Interest
  • Conditions: When signing up via this link, new investors get +1% interest per year for their first investment, as long as it is made within 30 days after registration.
  • Get the Profitus Bonus: Here

Rendity BonusRendity

  • How much: 25€ Bonus after signing up. 
  • Conditions: You can get a 25€ Bonus for your first investment if you sign up to Rendity via my link.
  • Get the Rendity Signup Bonus: Here

Swaper BonusSwaper Bonus

  • How much: +2% Interest 
  • Conditions: Sign up to Swaper via this link and invest 5.000€ or more, to get +2% interest (VIP bonus) on all investments on the platform. 
  • Get the Swaper Bonus: Here

TWINO BonusTwino Bonus

  • How much: 15€ Bonus 
  • Conditions: You get a 15€ Bonus on Twino if you sign up via this link and invest 100€ or more.
  • Get the Twino Bonus: Here


  1. Hi Angelo,
    thank you for the Iuvo Group bonus, I almost registered without it last week and already got the 90€! 🙂

  2. As a lender you are not covered by any regulation with Flender even though they publicize in the media FCA compliance this is only for UK but they do not follow these rules or guidelines for Ireland.

    Flender have very minimal t&c no complaints procedure listed or followed on their website or clear process.

    An example being a loan where Flender have not advised that given company had multiple loans in the same year and did not advise of these other loans or include these figures in the financials for a further loan.

    Company X already had multiple loans for 2018 which were not listed on Flender website or on most recent and final loan tranche advertized in 2018, it also did not include all debtors for the other loans in the financial snapshot for final loan tranche. So an investor wouldn’t know amounts already loaned to that company or that company already had multiple loans all issued in 2018 by Flender.

    Worst still loan went straight into being paid back using deposit which was not advised until.4 months later.

    Flender advise snapshot in final loan is loan projections snapshot for 2018 and therefore does not need to include all debtors, creditors for all the same company X  other loans which were all issued by Flender in 2018 !

    All above raised with Flender and they offer no recourse or goodwill due to their error.

    Financials could also be more accurate and clearer as on all loans Flender do not include depreciation figure for EBITA

    For a company that has promoted FCA license in media this is not in line with FCA regulations or Flender slogan of putting the customer first.

    Of course capital investment incurs risk but PTP platforms with FCA license are required to issue relevant financial information so that an investor can make an informed decision, which in case highlighted an investor is not able to make a fully informed decision as Financial projections for 2018 does not include all debtors for the period 2018.

    I personally will not be investing significant funds in Flender and I use other PTP who offer recourse for their errors and who’s figures, t&c processes and procedures are more accurate and user friendly even though some may charge a fee or offer lower interest I think for the extra bit of attention to detail and clearness of financials it’s worth it

  3. Debitum Network, nice bonus offer (refer a friend, he invests 250€, you both ger 10€ each). I apologize for doing something in my own interest :P, but i just can’t resist ;):

    It’s still small, but i like how they are more focused on security. I suppose interest rates are lower, but I like that assets are mostly short-term and more secure. Obviously everyone has their own risk and security balance, this one seemed just right for me… 😀 once again, sorry for the reference.

    I can tell more of my insights on this platform, but don’t want to be too disrespectfull to Angelo.

    Angelo, hope its ok, me making this comment. Thank you!


    1. Hey Edvinas,
      thanks for the tip, I’ll look into that!

      I hope you can forgive me, but I removed the referral link from your comment. I still appreciate you sharing your positive experience with the platform though! 🙂


      1. Heh, yeah it’s OK, they recently added some 10% assets, they got almost invested rather fast, i’m kind of sad my money is still stuck on a lower % assets 😀

  4. If Kuetzal as expected turns out to be a proven fraud will you be returning any affiliate commision you earned through them ?

    1. I’d be more than happy to contribute what I received from a few people who used my link on this Cashback page to a lawsuit or anything else I can do to help. I never promoted or linked to them anywhere else on the website or YouTube channel.

  5. Hi, how do you feel about BitOfProperty? I noticed you have them in the list but are not invested in them. Thanks

  6. You are a good man Angelo. One of the only bloggers who had showed humility and morals over the whole Kuetzal/Envestio debacle. You don’t censor your comments and try to rewrite history as many are doing. You can hold your head up high.

    Good luck on your investing going forward and look forward to continuing to enjoy your blog.

    Pete whiskers

  7. Hi, I see Grupeer are now offering a proper referral scheme (not just new loan originators), are you planning to include it on this page. I’m considering starting my P2P portfolio in a few months and they may be one of the providers i’m interested in. I am happy to use a referral link to help this blog out.

    1. Hi Adam,
      yes, I’ve seen that. I noticed new users can get a 10€ bonus that way. My only issue is that I want to keep investment accounts and referrals separate, as I want the accounts to be 100% about my own investments. Otherwise it would screw up my monthly income tracking from each platform and make that way more complicated.
      Nonetheless, that’s very kind of you. By using my link, you’re already supporting me, but I’ll ask Grupeer if they can provide any referral the same 10€ bonus they could get via the internal referral program.

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