Thomas der Sparkojote

I recently had the pleasure of doing a video interview with my friend Thomas Kovacs, a 23-year old European investor and entrepreneur, living in Switzerland. At his young age, he already managed to accumulate a net worth of over 560.000€!

In case you speak German, you might already know him as Thomas der Sparkojote via YouTube or his blog. However, if you’re part of the >90% in my audience that speaks English or other languages, I’m happy to introduce you to him for the first time.

I’ve been thinking of introducing you to more people that inspire me when it comes to finance and that reached a certain level of success in my eyes, so I hope you’ll like the first video of this series.

In the video, we talk about all of his investments (stocks, ETFs, precious metals, P2P lending and more), and take a look at his entire asset allocation in numbers. He’s very transparent and shares everything in detail.

We also discuss how much he is currently earning in passive income vs. active income, some of the perks of living in Switzerland as well as his take on financial independence and minimalism. Enjoy!

My Video with Thomas Kovacs

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    1. Considering the average European investor at that age probably has that amount saved up, I would say 1000x as much is quite the achievement.

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